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Wafer Paper ORCHID

Hi guys!

I planned to make a post about wafer paper orchids for a long time, considering that it was the first wafer paper flower that I've ever made! Well, technically there were other flowers I made before orchid, but they were so ugly that I try to forget them, and don't consider them as "flowers" - they were a mess :) But we've all been through this fun, yet very frustrating learning stage, and from my experience I can definitely tell that orchid is the best flower to enter the world of wafer paper flowers. It is an absolutely unique, delicate, and beautiful flower that has a few advantages that make them well loved among cake artists:

1) No doubt that Orchids are beautiful and everybody adores them! Orchids are so popular that you can find them in the list of top 10 indoor blooming plants! Even in business offices you will most likely spot either a real or artificial orchids. We also have two orchids in our house - a big white one and a small pink-orange-yellow orchid with red dots and stripes.

2) In nature orchids can be found of different colors and color combinations: blue, pink, white, purple, yellow, green, etc. This quality makes them so easy to accommodate any cake design! Even cakes with a simple buttercream design can become a showstopper with realistically looking colorful flower!

3) They are very easy to make. I've made dozens of different wafer paper flowers, and orchids are the easies ones. Seriously, guys, you can make about 10 orchids spending the same time as you need to make one peony. Don't get me wrong - peonies are fantastic flowers, and I love them so much, but 10 orchids... :) Next time I will think twice of a choice of flower to my cakes :)

Anyway, the choice of orchids in cake decorating world is getting reasonable and obvious. So, let's learn how to make them and what tools and materials to use! I included a list of tools and materials I used to make wafer paper orchid. I constantly use all these products in the bakery in cake decorating and love them. This list contains affiliated Amazon links, and I may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost for you.

To make wafer paper orchid we will need:

- A template

- Wafer paper

- Water

- A couple of synthetic brushes (I like to use flat brushes and a thin brush)

- An empty mechanical pencil or a pen

- Wire of 2 different sizes – 28 gauge and 18 gauge

- Petal dust (I used apple green, daffodil, and burgundy colors)

- Scissors

- Craft mat

- Floral tape I used white tape, but green one will work great as well

- Dresden tool (optional)

- Corn flour (polenta, or semolina). Corn flour or semolina doesn't have a bright yellow color, so I added a little bit of Daffodil petal dust into it to brighten it up. Corn flour is a great and easy way to make a texture to flower details.

This is a template I used to make wafer paper orchids. Feel free to make the flowers as big or as small as suits best your cake design. I decided to make mine pretty big.

If the petals become dry, and you would like to make them more pliable, you can slightly spray them with coloring liquid. There are plenty of recipes how to make it. I like to use this one:

2 Tbsp of water

2 Tbsp of vodka

1 tsp of glycerin.

To make the tutorial easy to follow I made a short, yet very informative video describing the process how to make wafer paper Orchid.

I hope that you will like this video, and it will be helpful for you and inspiring! I am very happy that wafer paper flowers have become a new trend in cake decorating, and they truly transform any cake into piece of art! Please, join me in this wonderful journey of discovery of wafer paper world and feel free to share with me photos of your beautiful flowers and cakes! They inspire me to make more of great free tutorials for you!


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