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Who doesn't like flowers and cakes? So, it's obvious that nobody can resist a stunning cake decorated with delicate bouquet of wafer paper flowers! However, to make a flower accent more visually appealing and fresh I highly recommend to use wafer paper greenery, and eucalyptus is a great choice!

In nature Eucalyptus can be seen in different color shades from green to blue or grey. And it's wonderful! You can choose the color that works best for your cake design. For example, for my cake I used 4 eucalyptus branches of different shades, type of assembly, and length, and I think the cake looks amazing with this diversity. Moreover, you can also play around with the leaf shape. I chose the heart shape leaf, probably, because I'm romantic :) but you can use the same techniques that I showed in the video for a different branch.

Here is the template:

Eucalyptus branch can have a different length, so I drew many leaves from small to big, just in case if you'd like to make a nice long branch.

Below I included a list of tools and materials I used to make wafer paper Eucalyptus. I constantly use all these products in the bakery in cake decorating and love them. This list contains affiliated Amazon links, and I may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost for you.

1) Wafer Paper:

2) Floral Tape:

3) Wire: https:

4) Self-healing Mat:

5) Cornflower blue food coloring:

This is the cake I've made and decorated with eucalyptus branches. I really like how it turned out: in my opinion, it looks very fresh and spring-like.

Hope this tutorial will be useful for you! If you like this tutorial, please subscribe, leave me comments, and thumbs up! I'll see you next time! Bye!

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