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Who doesn't enjoy the shine and fun look of sparkling colorful glitter? Glitter can do a pure magic by transforming any, even super simple dessert into an artistic and fun piece of art! I always was wondering how is it possible to make this shiny beauty edible? Is it real to make it at home? How many ingredients and fancy tools are needed to produce glitter? Finally, I found the answers to these questions, and very happy to share them with you!

You will be shocked how easy it is to make glitter at home! Honestly, I couldn't believe my eyes when I was able to make glitter from scratch using just three ingredients, without any special tools and skills, with just 15 minutes of my active time! Are you excited? Let's dig into the details!

THE RECIPE is super simple:

- 2 tbsp of corn starch;

- 2 cups of cold water;

- a few drops of gel food coloring.

TOOLS needed to make edible glitter:

- a pan;

- a spatula or whisk;

- a bowl;

- acetate cake collar (if you don't have it, you can use sheet protectors that have a smooth shiny surface. If your sheet protectors have matte look, unfortunately, they won't work);

- small food processor or food chopper;

- a sift (optional).

First, you need to combine corn starch and water and heat it in a pan. It's very important to CONSTANTLY MIX the corn starch mixture with a spatula or a whisk; otherwise, the heat won't distribute equally in the liquid resulting in chunks of burned starch and uncooked liquid.

I can't give you an exact cooking time because too many factors play the role here, such as diameter of the pan and heat output of the stove. It's important to bring the liquid to a boil and boil it for a few minutes. It will become pretty thick (you can vividly see the consistency we are aiming for in the video below). It took me about 9 minutes to reach this consistency on a medium-high heat, but again - this time is just a guidance, and might be slightly more or less.

There is no need to wait for the mixture to cool. You can mix in colors and work right away! I chose to make rainbow cupcakes, and all the colors turned out fantastic and shiny! So, if you can't decide on color for the most sparkling glitter, I will make your decision even harder - all of them look stunning! :)

Anyway, pour the colored liquid onto an acetate sheet (or smooth sheet protectors, as I did) and smear it into a thin layer with a cooking brush. Even though we were constantly mixing the mixture, there might be some small shanks or clumps of starch. It's not a big deal, since we'll smash everything into dust the next day, but if you are a perfectionist, and want everything to be done the best way, you can strain the starch mixture through the strainer or sift. For the sake of experiment I did red, orange, and yellow glitter without the sift, and strained the mixture for green, blue and purple. At the end I didn't notice any difference.

Then, let this sticky colorful mess dry completely. It is a long process that takes about 14 hours. After a few hours you will notice that the edges of starch mixture will start to peel off and curl a little bit. It's a good sign, but be patient and let it dry completely. I waited for about 20 hours.

When the colorful starchy sheets are completely dry to touch, chop them with a small food processor, or food chopper. You may choose to chop them into luster dust and sift it later to remove bigger chunks; or if you enjoy texture as much as I do, you may decide to stop your food processor slightly sooner, and have nice shiny colorful flakes. Both options look great, it's just a personal preference.

That's it! I hope that the information and the video are useful for you, and you'll dig into the sparkling world of homemade glitter, and will make it at home!

I'll see you next time with great new sweet videos!

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