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This design broke into my heart when I first made this 2-tiered cake for a client. I was stunned by it's delicate shiny look, flowers, gold, sparkles, and how beautifully all the elements of the cake came together! I took a photo of it early in the morning when the sun lit up the cake, creating amazing warm glow. At that very moment I realized that I really wanted to make a tutorial and share with you how to make this cake.

For the video I made a smaller 6 inches in diameter Condensed Milk cake with condensed milk whip, and covered it with Swiss Merengue Buttercream. I didn't film how I built the cake because it's pretty straightforward, but I did include parts of coating the cake and covering it with fondant.

There are multiple ways to cover the cake with fondant. I found the method I showed in the video to be the easiest to implement at home. Most people roll a huuuuge piece of fondant, cover the cake with it, and then smooth it out. It is a great method, but it has a few drawbacks:

1) Most likely, you don't have a fondant sheeter at home, and it will take much longer to roll a big piece of fondant. There is also a risk that fondant will stick to the table at some spots, and you would have to start rolling it all over again.

2) It's pretty hard to cover the cake with one big piece of fondant. There is a high risk for it to tear or to develop so called "elephant skin" and wrinkles. It's not a big deal for this particular design because you can cover all the imperfections with flowers, but it might be crucial for other designs.

3) It's hard to achieve sharp edges. No matter how perfect your cake is, the fondant will make round edges, and you will need to have 2 fondant smoothers and extra time to make them sharp.

Overall, this traditional method requires some experience and attention, while the method I show in the video is easier and more forgiving. The only significant drawback is a seam on the back side of the cake; but, honestly, nobody would notice it until you point it out :)

For gold splatter mix gold powder dust paint with a little bit of vodka. Alcohol dries much faster than water, which makes it easy to work with cakes.

Below I listed some of the tools and materials I used to make this cake. Even though I used many more of them, these are my favorites, and I know how hard it is to find tools of good quality. I constantly use all these products in the bakery in cake decorating and love them. Most likely, you already have everything you need, yet I listed the tools in case you are interested. This list contains affiliated Amazon links, and I may receive a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost for you.

1) The mold I used to make the flowers and leaves:

I like this mold a lot! It leaves a very distinct imprint, makes roses and leaves of different sizes and shapes, and it is very easy to take fondant out of the mold.

2) Floral tape:

Since I make a lot of wafer paper flowers, I have to use a lot of floral tape of different colors. This pack was a hidden gem that works perfectly for me! However, if you don't make wafer paper or sugar flowers, I recommend you to buy a single roll of white floral tape.

3) If you add a little bit of CMC powder (or Tylose powder) to the fondant you use to make golden branch, it will dry faster. This is the brand I use:

4) I highly recommend FondX fondant. I use it for all the cakes I make for my clients:

5) I use a lot of wire to create beautiful and unique cake decor and wafer paper flowers, and this is floral wire I use and like:

300 pieces is a lot, and if you don't need that many, you can definitely find a different brand.

6) Using petal dust is optional. I like how a little touch of different shades of pink and peach adds a little bit of dimension and creates a more detailed look (because of the specifics of my work, I notice all these little touches and details and find them important. In my opinion, this little step helps to bring your work to next level).

To be honest, I don't have a strong preference in brands or colors for petal dust as long as they are the colors you like. Here's the one I use:

7) These brushes are my absolutely favorites! They are fluffy, easy to clean, and, most importantly, they don't shade! I have had these brushes for a few years already, and they are like new!

8) I don't use a knife/needle tool from this set, but ball and stitching tools are very good:

Are you excited to see how I made this beautiful cake? Check out my YouTube video, and let me know if you like it and what cake or wafer paper tutorials you are interested in.

I hope you like this video! I'll see you next time!


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