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Fault Line Cake

No doubts that a Fault Line Cake design is very popular and easy to make, but I have some tricks in my sleeve that will help you improve your skills and to make this cake perfectly black frosting and smooth cake :)

For a long time I was struggling to find a formula for a perfectly black frosting. Buttercream requires a loooot of black food coloring that messes out the consistency of the frosting and the taste. I saw some people trying to add lots of Dutched processed cocoa powder, but it makes frosting bitter and completely uneatable. The only solution I saw at that moment was black fondant, and it worked great, but some cake designs look much better with frosting - like the Origami cake (btw, you can find a tutorial on my YouTube channel) or a fault line cake.

I have found a magic formula for a perfectly black frosting - dark chocolate ganache! Because of natural dark color or chocolate, it doesn't require a lot of food coloring and works fantastically for covering the cakes. Many people ask me if it's possible to use chocolate ganache made out of heavy whipping cream and chocolate. Yes, it is possible, but you should use oil based food coloring instead. Gel food coloring will cause chocolate to seize, and it will become unusable.

To make perfect ganache that is very easy to color in black you will need:

2 parts of chocolate

1 part of butter

black gel food coloring.

The process of making the ganache is very fast and easy. Just melt butter and chocolate separately, combine them with a whisk or a rubber spatula, and add food coloring. How easy it is?

Usually, I recommend to leave the ganache at room temperature covered tightly with a plastic wrap until it sets and start to have frosting-like consistency (it takes a couple of hours). Since this ganache has very rich chocolate flavor and colors mouth in black anyway, I prefer to cover the cake with a very thin layer of ganache. That's why I didn't wait for the ganache to set before crumb-coating the cake. It set and became more frosting-like by the time I needed to make a final coat.

I like to use Swiss meringue buttercream as a frosting for my cakes because it is light, stable, and you can achieve very neat look of a perfectly smooth cake. The secret is to put it into the fridge after you created a fault line and smoothed it. Then, apply a little bit of frosting to a cold cake and smooth it again. This fast and easy step will help to get rid of all air bubbles and make the surface perfectly smooth.

Finally, I decorated this cake with white wafer paper orchids. I feel that these delicate flowers work the best to emphasize the elegance of this black and white cake. Recently, I posted a tutorial about how to make wafer paper orchids - easy and stunning cake decor. I will be very happy if this tutorial along with this fault line one will be useful and inspiring!

If you like my tutorials, please, let me know in your comments and likes, and share with me your beautiful work! :) It shows me that you like what I'm doing and it's helpful, your work inspires me to film more of nice videos!

As a bonus, a recipe of Hummingbird cake:

400 g of sugar

390 g of flour

1 tsp of baking soda

1 tsp of cinnamon

1/2 tsp of nutmeg

1 banana

1/2 cups of chopped pecans or walnuts

250 g of canned pineapple (crushed)

3 eggs

180 g of vegetable oil

1 tsp of vanilla extract


1) Mash the banana

2) Sift flour and baking soda. Combine with sugar and spices.

3) Mix all wet ingredients.

4) Mix all the ingredients until combined.

5) Bake for 30 minutes at 360F (180C).

That's it! Super easy and aromatic cake is done! Hope you will like this recipe and will give it a try!

I will see you next time with a new post!


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