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Cake Menu

To make sure our customers get the best tasting cake ever we  make all of our cakes  from scratch by using the finest ingredients (such as Belgium chocolate and organic honey). 

These cakes are the most popular and well-loved among our customers; however, let us know if you have any questions, wishes, food allergies and restrictions. We are here to help and make your celebration special!

Since, we make cakes by requests only, we need at least 7 days notice.

Thank you!


Chocolate Cake

This cake will win the hearts of true chocolate lovers. Just imagine super chocolaty and moist cake layers and rich and dark chocolate ganache filling and frosting (which was made with Belgium dark chocolate and organic heavy whipped cream).


Coconut Cake

The taste of this cake reminds a famous dessert Raffaello - it has moist coconut cake layers soaked in condensed milk syrup with cream cheese whip, white chocolate ganache whip, almonds, and coconut. 


Carrot Cake

This Carrot Cake is absolutely amazing! It has dried pineapples, coconut flakes, walnuts, toasted coconut between the layers, spices, and a little kick of spiced rum. Cream cheese whip adds a final touch to the cake and balances all the flavors very well.

Coming Soon.png

Vanilla Cake

Simple and classy flavor: vanilla cake with vanilla Swiss Meringue filling and frosting. 


Honey & Coffee Velvet

It's not surprising at all that this cake is the most popular one in our bakery. It has fluffy, soft, aromatic honey & coffee cake layers infused with coffee and cream cheese whip between layers.


Traditional Honey Cake

This cake is one of the most popular in countries of the former Soviet Union. It has a lot of thin layers and very soft and smooth sour cream filling. So moist, and soft.. this cake is melting in the mouth.


Chocolate & Honey Cake

If you love chocolate, but would like to try a new and unique flavor combination, this cake is a perfect choice! The sweetness of thin chocolate and honey cake layers balanced so perfectly with sour cream custard filling. Mmm... so moist.. so yummy!..

DSC03315 without text.jpg

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake doesn't need an introduction. It's classy, bright in color, has soft velvety crumb texture and silky, delicious cream cheese whip filling and frosting.


Condensed Milk Cake

If you like condensed milk, this cake is a perfect choice for you! Moist and delicious thin condensed milk cake layers, soaked in condensed milk syrup with condensed milk whip. 

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