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About Me


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Hi there! My name is Tatsiana, and I'm the owner of small home-based bakery, located in Bellevue, WA.

There is something magical about creating a cake! Nowadays cake is no longer considered to be just food, its presentation and appealing look is no less important. Usually, cakes are served at the final part of the celebration. It's the final touch.. this is a cherry on top of the wonderful day!.. it's something that has to impress, to have this personalized touch to the design, and to make people smile and remember this mind-blowing dessert!

The cake is like a blank canvas that can get color and shape according to any theme and interest! It's so many techniques and methods in cake decorating that only people who really truly love their job, can learn and improve over time providing their clients with more options in cake design.

I used to be an accountant, and have a bachelor's degree in this field. However, my heart belongs to a different area - baking & cake decorating. It's so magical to see how different flavors can work together in a beautiful collaboration! It's fascinating how much science is laying behind baking and cake decorating!

I started my career as cake decorator in 2015 with internships at Dianne Delights and Honey Crumb Cake Studio. I worked as a cake decorator for QFC, Sweet Cakes in Kirkland, and the Sweet Side in Seattle. I also learned the magic laying behind custom shaped cakes from amazing Mike McCarey at Mike's Amazing Cakes. Now it's time for me to open my own bakery! 

I welcome you and will be happy to make your day special!

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